Confidential Case File of Criminal #723323

This case file is for those with top-secret security clearance only.

Those found to be viewing this file illegally will be perecuted to the fullest extent of Federal Law, in pursuance with the 'Protect Government Secrets Act.'

Above is a picture of the dangerous criminal Lars Sheldon, better known to government agents as Criminal #723323. Sheldon is responsible for committing 132 counts of thoughtcrime and has been punished in accordance with 'Thought-Crime Ordinance #756'. For further details about this dangerous criminal follow the attached link to his biography: Biography.

For a detailed account of the Central Government's prosecution of Criminal #723323, follow the following: Prosecution Report

For a short catalog of items seized during the police raid of Criminal #723323's dwelling, follow the following: Contraband

For a list of entries in the personal journal of Criminal #723323, follow the following: Journal Entries

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