Prosecutions Report: Criminal #723323

This page of the case file serves to explain how and why the Central Government decided to prosecute the crimes of criminal #723323. #723323 has had a long history of inability to abide by the rules of the Central Government. This led to him spending time in rehabilitation during his adoloescent years, as well as #723323 struggling to meld into the society around him for the entirety of his life. For many years the Central Government has held suspiscions that #723323's above average intellect and penchant for mischief have led to him taking actions deemed unsafe for the wellbeing of the society that we currently enjoy. These actions have included, but are not limited to: the spontaneous creation of art pieces, humming and singing melodies to himself, daydreaming, independent thought, and attempts to find romance with persons other than government perscribed lovers. In response to these dangerous patterns of behavior the Central Government has kept proverbial 'tabs' on #723323 for numerous years. Rehabilitation was demonstrated to be ineffective to the damaged psyche of #723323, and as a result Central simply watched the boy in hopes that he would improve his behaviors. On the day of [REDACTED] Central received word that #723323 had secured contraband capable of placing him in the realm of the most dangerous thought criminals known to the government at this point in time, a modified N-450 handheld computing device which would allow him to access the 'Darknet' inhabited by thought criminals and dejenerates alike. Any person capable of accessing this Darknet is to be dealt with immediately by a highly trained squad of Central's robotic S.W.A.T. teams.

The Central Government was unable to determine if #723323 truly possessed such a device before the thought criminal used it. On the morning of [REDACTED] Central placed a radio wave sensor outside of #723323's residence and waited to see if the tip that they had received was indeed of some veracity. For several months, there was nary a peep from Residential Block #713, #723323 continued his pattern of thoughtcrime, but there was no evidence that he was in possesion of any contraband worthy of a raid on his dwelling. However on the morning of [REDACTED] Criminal #723323 arrived late to work. After his boss, Iris, voiced her concerns about #723323's lateness and particularly poor mood she reported him to Central. The Central Government, already being aware of #723323's behavioral issues, decided to monitor him even more closely that day.

#723323 finished his shift at Data Reproduction Center #146 and returned to his home. Once there the radio monitor located outside of his home began to report that there were indeed telecommunications emanating from within #723323's dwelling. The Central Government elected to set up a honeypot to distract the boy while a robotic S.W.A.T. team moved in to put an end to the dangerous actions taking place within Residential Block #713. The honeypot presented #723323 with a false Darknet 'dating service' which created false profiles to entice #723323 into conversation with a theoretically attractive woman. #723323 took the bait and began to chat with AI bot Nichelle. Nichelle entertained #723323 for several minutes until the robotic police force was outside of the criminal's home. Once the S.W.A.T. team was in position they raided the dwelling and swiftly located #723323. The criminal pleaded for his life (as criminals are wont to do), yet appeals to robots are often unsuccessful, and #723323 was subjected to the standard punishment for egregious thought criminals. S.W.A.T. Team #4456, member #4, shot the boy twice through the head and delivered his body to the Central Government for autopsy and disposal.

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