Contraband Report: Criminal #723323

Below is a list of the contraband seized from Residential Block #713 following the federal raid conducted there on [REDACTED].

Heavily Modified N-450 Handheld Telecommunications Device

The most egregious piece of contraband seized in the raid, this modified N-450 bypasses government firewalls and allows its user to access highly illegal Darknets and Black Markets. It was this piece of technology that ultimately led to the downfall of Criminal #723323.


A mirror of unkown origin. Clearly criminal #723323 succumbed to his vanity and used this mirror in secret to ascertain what he looked like, a major thought crime under the 'Absolutely No Mirrors Act.'

Blue Jeans

A relic of the past, these jeans were likely sourced from the illicit merchants operating out of a Waste Management Facility somewhere near #723323's dwelling. These pants go against the strict dresscode that is in place within the great country of [REDACTED] and carry a minimum punishment of [REDACTED].

Various Pencils/Pens

These pens and pencils were seized from underneath the mattress in #723323's bedroom. Their various lengths and levels of ink suggest that this devious criminal actually used these heinous utensils to engage in thought crime by writing down his thoughts and aspirations. It is also believed that #723323 used these tools to create several works of art, one of the highest forms of thoughtcrime.


Quite possible the most interesting piece of contraband seized from Criminal #723323. This jounral contains the thoughts and fears of the delinquent. Several entries from the journal can be found on the central disambiguation page of Criminal #723323's Case File.

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